Cara Delevingne Has a Choppy Blonde Bob, But Don’t You Try It

Cara DeLevingne just debuted a short hairstyle that’s so fresh and modern, it will make you want to sprint to the hairdresser ASAP. But restrain yourself: ust because that short blonde bob looks good on Cara DeLevingne doesn’t mean it will look good on you. So don’t you try it, okay?


Cara premiered her blunt cut as part of her new Puma campaign, and no one can deny that she looks stunning. But this is a woman who looked gorgeous with a bald, silver spray-painted head. But is that a good gauge to decide if you should try it? Probably not? In the end, don’t try it, girlfriend! She’s a model! You’re a perfect girl, but it’s different!


The short blonde bob is a great summer haircut for all types of people: actresses, models and you! But like maybe think about it for a second first? The minute you cut it off you’ll probably realize you were a long-haired bitch for a reason!


Yes, the blunt bob is the look of the summer. Kylie Jenner’s doing it. Mila Kunis is doing it. And good for them! But honestly, their faces are really different from yours. Seriously, you’re perfect, but bobs aren’t! Honestly, they even look weird on them!


Do you even have the brows to pull off a bob? Think about it!



This is your life, so you can print out this picture of Cara DeLevingne and bring it to the hair salon, if you want this to turn into a thing where you leave upset that your face didn’t somehow miraculously morph into the superstar’s. Remember Selena Gomez bangs?! Break the cycle and stop making rash hair decisions just because a hot celeb is doing something wack!


At the end of the day, do what you want with your hair, and you’ll still be beautiful. That’s a fact. But like, don’t you think you can do this and be suddenly happy. You look great, the bob will blow over in like, a week honestly!