6 Outfits Only Cara Delevingne Can Pull Off of My Writhing Body

Cara Delevigne is killing it right now. The model-cum-actor has amazing eyebrows, a massive Instagram following, and a wardrobe to die for. There’s no denying she’s a total babe, or that I’m very, very into her. There are certain looks that only Cara could pull off, especially when it comes to pulling them off of my writhing, aroused body. Here are a few cute looks I’d let Cara, and only Cara, tear off of me before she ravishes me head to toe.


Patterned Dress and Leather Ankle Boots

This cute, casual look transitions smoothly from summer to fall. It’s also great for DMing Cara Delevingne my home address in the hopes that she’ll come over immediately and make my body do things I never thought possible. I would not let any other celeb claw this dress and these boots off of my quivering, aching body. Really, only Cara could pull this one off—of me.


Chunky Knit Sweater and Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

This cozy fall outfit is perfect for those chilly October evenings where all you want to do is cuddle up by the fire, sip chamomile tea, and post elaborate sexual fantasies on the Cara Delevingne subreddit. Plus, if I’m going to cyberbully her teen fans all night, I’ve gotta be comfortable! This slouchy look isn’t for everyone though—in fact, I’d say only Cara could pull it off my body in particular.


Suede Skirt and Vintage Concert Tee

I know what you’re thinking: You’d let Cara fuck you in your dad’s old Ramones shirt?! But it’s your dad’s! That’s right. Cara can do whatever she wants to me, and if she’s into daddy stuff, well, who am I to deny my future bride? You can pull this vintage dad look off like no one else! I will have you, sweet Cara.



The Pit-Stained White Tee I Wore the 5th Time I Saw Paper Towns in Theaters

Cara is the queen of making casual look couture, and I’m the queen of getting freaky with Cara in nasty, old clothes (in every dream I’ve had this week). This Gap V-neck that I bought in 2008 is a year-round staple, which I would allow Cara to completely tear apart before going to town on each and every one of my erogenous zones. Fuck. Only YOU can pull this off, Cara!


Cotton Underwear and The Shirt I Made with Cara’s Face On It

This breezy outfit will be perfect for when Cara finally makes all of my erotic fantasies come to life. I’ll just have to remember to turn the shirt around when she’s taking me from behind so she can gaze into her own face (if I’m being honest, that part of the fantasy is what prompted me to make the shirt). Cara could totes pull this look off of me and also pull it off while breaking up with her rockstar girlfriend, St. Vincent.


The Velvet Dress I Wore that Time I Followed Cara and St. Vincent Around the East Village Until They Threatened to Call the Cops On Me

I can practically feel Cara lifting this little number off of my body with her eyebrows alone. God, and it feels so good, her little eyebrow hairs tickling me in places I didn’t even know had nerve endings. Take me, Cara. Take this look and pull it off me!


These outfits are all bangin’, and I would let Cara pull any of them off of me, and then throw me up against a wall, and hold my arms over my head, and fuck me until I can’t breathe. But at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that Cara Delevingne can unclothe me whenever and wherever, no matter what I’m wearing. Love you, C!!!