By the Time I Get Vaccinated, Will It Even Be Cool Anymore? 

Right now everyone is talking about the covid vaccine, and I think that’s awesome. Cultivating a culture of enthusiasm for this life-saving vaccination is so important, but with the flame of vaccine fervor running hot, I can’t help but worry: Is this public safety excitement built to last, or destined to burn out? And specifically, by the time I get vaccinated, will it even be cool anymore?


I’m always the last to find out.


At this point in time, the vaccine is still new and novel. I see my friends who work in hospitals or cute old grandparents getting vaccinated, and I am so, so happy for them and the number of likes they’re getting on their vaccine posts, but will that energy still be present in April? In May? Will I even get congratulated at all by the time June rolls around? As we’ve learned how precious life is in this pandemic, we have to be asking ourselves these questions.



As a completely healthy graphic designer in my late 20s who lives alone, I am virtually last in line for this vaccine, and I accept my duty to serve my country and fellow citizens by chilling till then, ordering a lot of takeout, and focusing on my mental health as I have been for the last ten months. But when my time does come, will it still be acceptable for me to make a really long Instagram story about the experience, and will my audience engagement reflect that? Perhaps we should all take an oath right now to still be really excited for each other when the least impacted people get the vaccine because otherwise, the wait feels, like, not even worth it.


Now, what if I told you I wasn’t what I said I was — not all that my shiny exterior purports me to be? What if I was actually a public school teacher with asthma? I’m not. I’m who I just said I was right before, but my point is we have to treat everyone the same, so let’s reserve some energy, okay, guys?? Be fair about it.


So reflect on this issue yourself, then, if you’re able, start a dialogue about it with those around you. Because it’s so cool that your nurse cousin just got the covid vaccine, but whom does that celebration exclude, and why is it me? I’m just wondering.