Britney–Iggy Azalea Collab ‘White Girl Privvy’ Leaks

BritBrit and IggyIggs fans unite: the song “White Girl Privvy” has leaked! Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea collaborated on the party jam about getting everything you want because you are an attractive white woman.


The long-anticipated Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea collaboration—a celebration of being women, hating on boys, and benefitting from centuries of racial oppression—had its official release scheduled for Monday morning.


“This is the song of the summer,” says RCA Records CEO Peter Edge. “If you’re a conventionally attractive Caucasian woman who has had a relatively easy go at life, this song is for you.”


The Aussie Azalea is glad to hear about the positive feedback. She tweeted, “Super excited to kno that so many white girls love our song about the fun of being 2 white girls who have it all bc we’re white but also about how white girls can be whatever! #whitegirlprivvy”


However, now that it’s officially been released, Iggy admits to “freaking out” about the song, which focuses on the fact that she and Britney can get away with things other races cannot, because of the color of their skin.


iggy tweet 1


iggy tweet 2


Britney is also pretty excited about the release, tweeting, “Hope you enjoy #whitegirlprivvy! I do too! … I literally haven’t been arrested for things I should’ve because of #whitegirlprivvy. So cool!”



The upcoming “White Girl Privvy” music video reportedly is an homage to the 80s movie classic The Breakfast Club, but instead of sitting in detention all day, the two singers use their race, class, body type, bone structure, and hair texture to basically get away with murder.


Below are some of the lyrics to “White-Girl Privvy:


All over the globe, white girls
Wipe the floor with whatever races
Cos of their faces, bring the noise!
We’re all super white!
All over the globe, white girls
Smoke weed in front of cops


Do whatever we want
(Where you at, Brit?)
(Not in jail!)
We’re just so white!


White girl privvy!


Hey, don’t you know what’s up with us?
From Australia ‘round to LA
You can gamble that we can do whatever
Fuck you cops, I’m a white girl
Then they laugh, but they don’t get it
We literally just shot a guy
(Hey cops, we can do anything!)