BREAKING: Mom Wants You To Come Over And Take All 73 Abandoned Origami Sets In Your Childhood Bedroom

This just in from your childhood bedroom: Mom would like you to come and claim each and every abandoned origami set from your childhood hobby days or she’s going to throw them out soon.


Among the sets are fully constructed origami whales, puppies, dinosaurs, boats, and butterflies, along with several half-finished origami, including a bird, a dragon, and what was maybe a lion?


The remainders of the 73 abandoned origami sets include seemingly thousands of pieces of colorful square origami paper, which your mother “doesn’t want to go to waste.”



After all, you “begged her for weeks” for the iridescent paper in jewel tones.


Your mother plans to hold onto the origami sets until your visit next month, but if you’re not going to take them all you should tell her so she can give them to Linda’s niece.


Sources cannot confirm who exactly Linda is.


At press time, your mother was texting you, “Is this an origami? Do you want it?” along with a blurred photo of a note your childhood bestie had written you on notepaper and folded into the shape of a paper football.