BREAKING: Kaitlyn Dating THAT Peter

Just in from your friends – Kaitlyn is dating Peter. Yes – that Peter. All parties are in shock as to how this could happen.


That Peter?! Yep.


After a tedious verification process that it was really that Peter people were referring to, sources recently confirmed that Kaitlyn has now been on several dates with Peter, despite Peter’s history amongst their shared social circle. Wow.




“I walked into a party and saw Kaitlyn talking to Peter – no, not gay Peter; THAT Peter – and at first I was like ‘Oh, yeah whatever they’re probably just exchanging pleasantries,’” says your friend Julie. “But then he put his arm around her and I nearly ran from the room. Seriously, what the fuck?!”


What the fuck, indeed. No one is 100% sure how it happened.


“I mean obviously they have mutual friends but you think she’d just kind of know to keep her distance from him,” says another friend, Amy. “I mean, it’s Peter. It’s just…”



Reached for comment, Kaitlyn was confused by the attention. “I’m not really sure what the big deal is.”