BREAKING: Jenny’s Never Been But She’s Been Meaning to Go

In a breaking news story out of Poughkeepsie, it has been revealed that 29-year-old Jennifer LePen has never been but has totally been meaning to go.


“That place looks so cool,” said Jenny. “I haven’t gone by yet but I’ve been meaning to go check it out!”


Jenny, who has so much going on right now but is definitely planning on swinging by when she can, went on to explain her exciting take on the matter.


“No, oh my God, I honestly thought about popping into that place like a week ago,” said Jenny. “I just haven’t gotten the chance to! Ugh!!”


“But I’ve been seriously thinking about going!” she made sure to add.


According to sources close to Jenny, her sentiment feels a bit empty.


“She keeps mentioning how she for sure wants to go but hasn’t gone yet,” said Leslie Kenning, a close friend of Jenny’s. “Like she says it about anything. Restaurants, art galleries, Escape the Rooms. Kind of seems like she’s been meaning to go everywhere but then never goes anywhere?”


“Yeah, I’ve definitely brought up every single cafe in the city at this point,” added Trevor Linden, Jenny’s coworker. “She’s never been to any of them, but has somehow been meaning to go to all of them. I’m just like, go then?”


“Or don’t, but stop saying that you’ve been meaning to,” he added.


But Jenny really, really wants to go.



“I swear to god, the next time anyone asks me to go, I’m gonna say yes without a doubt,” she said. “Because 100% been meaning to go, I just haven’t been yet.”


“But I’m totally itching to go!” Jenny added.