Brave! Woman Irish Exits a Moving Party Bus

In Miami, FL, 24-year-old Marissa Harris wanted to leave her friend’s 25th birthday party without anyone noticing, so she Irish-exited the party bus even though it was going over 60 miles per hour.


Wow! Can you say “queen shit”?


“I was like, ‘Wait, where did Marissa go?’” birthday girl, Jolie Gonzalez, told reporters. “But when she texted me saying ‘sorry I left a little early. have fun though!’ I realized that she just left without saying goodbye, and also that she somehow exited a moving vehicle on the freeway.”


Other party guests were also surprised at Marissa’s actions and confused as to how she survived the daring move to leave the party on her own terms on one of the largest highways in the city.


“She could’ve just waited and said ‘bye’ to us all once we got to a safer location,” one guest named Kandy said. “But I guess she just really needed to get the fuck out of there?”


Now that’s what we call “having boundaries”!



However, despite her friends’ confusion as to why she left so early and in a totally unprompted way, it all seemed very normal to Marissa.


“I just wanted to leave,” she told us. “Is that so bad? I was so tired and I wanted to go to sleep, so I left the bus even though it was going full speed ahead.”


“Also, I got my eight hours at the hospital while they treated my road burn,” Marissa added. “So I really couldn’t be happier!”


“I mean, I’m glad she came at all I guess,” Jolie said. “But I still would’ve liked her to say goodbye, or just exit at a normal time and speed so I didn’t have to worry about her the rest of the way.”


Marissa reports that she’s healed now and in perfect health. “But I’m still pretty burnt out from the whole thing,” she told us. “I hate parties.”


Totally fair!