Brave! This Man Commented ‘Who Cares?’ on an Article About ‘The Bachelor’

In heroic news out of Franklin, New Jersey, 31-year-old Alex Collins was brave enough to stop everything and comment, “Who cares?” on an article about The Bachelor that he saw on Facebook.


Wow! We can’t imagine the strength it took to go against the grain and say what’s on his mind, no matter what people might think.


Alex’s comment, directed at no one in particular, was one of 3,650 in a raucous comments section over what will happen in the coming season. Several people replied, “We do,” it was clear that Alex’s comment spoke to a higher truth that millions of fearful onlookers were just unwilling to do themselves.


“There’s always one of those men wanting to shit on an interest that a lot of women share,” Bachelor fan Janis Heathers said. “But it’s like… sometimes a guy just says something so powerful that you’re just like, wow, yeah, you’re right. That comment really changed everything for me.”


“Like, other than me and the millions of other fans, who does care?”


Someone call Taylor Swift because this guy is #fearless!


Alex did not stop at this article with his groundbreaking Facebook comments. Reports indicate he has left a “Get this shit off my feed,” on an article about a penguin making a stunning recovery after it was found injured underneath a glacier.



Simply no one can stop Alex from telling it like it is!


When asked if he knew that he could simply hide posts he didn’t like, Alex still bravely replied, “Why the hell would I do that?”