Brave! This Boyfriend Rated His Girlfriend an 8 Out of 10

By the time they have a serious girlfriend, most guys know how to answer a question about a lady’s looks. But not Kevin Tuttle: when his girlfriend asked him to rate her out of 10, this courageous man rated her an 8!


“I don’t understand what I did wrong,” said Kevin. “I was honest, and 8 is pretty high! That’s like a B+.”


Kevin, who we interviewed from his new bed on the living room sofa, went on to explain his stupid ass point of view.


“She asked my opinion and I gave it to her,” said Kevin. “I even told her that she’s a 9 when she dresses up. That made her even madder, for some reason? I still don’t really get what response she wanted from me.”


“Was I supposed to call her a 10? That’d be lying,” he added, as his stomach ached for the dinner that would not be prepared for him for the third night in a row.


Wow, we’re amazed at your brave stupidity in the face of the woman you claim to love and cherish!


Leanne Worthington, Kevin’s girlfriend, is shocked.



“So maybe I was fishing for a compliment,” said Leanne. “But if he had asked me to rate him out of 10, I would’ve told him he was an 11. He’s perfect to me. Why wouldn’t you tell the person you’re dating that they are flawlessly beautiful?”


“I mean, all the dudes in my Instagram DMs think I’m a stunner, so maybe I should go date one of them,” she added.


But for Kevin, it still doesn’t compute.


“If she was a 10, what would she be doing with me?” he said. “I’m a 7 at best. I was calling her better looking than me, that’s a compliment!”


“She hasn’t been this mad at me since she complained that she was gaining weight and I offered to get her a gym membership,” he added.


Spoken like a true dumbass, Kevin!