Three Boxy Cable Knits That Say, ‘Can Men and Women Ever Really Be Just Friends?’

Chunky Knit Sweater (Poshmark, $40)

This extra chunky extra fun cable knit sweater is just the thing to wear after you and your friend who everyone has always thought should be a couple finally sleep together. There may be more bumps in the road to come, but a rosy post-coitus glow with this rosy jumper is sure to make at least one old lady say, “I’ll have what she’s having!” Can men and women have platonic relationships? Not this man and woman! So embrace the late 80s sartorially and in your gender politics with these swoon-worthy cable knits that evoke questions of the true nature of men and women. Best-case scenario, someone will deliver a heart-wrenching speech about all the little things they love about you. Worst case, you’ve still got a boxy sweater.

orange sweater