Best Fall Sweaters for Flapping the Sleeves Around and Slapping People With

There’s no denying it: Sweaters are a major look for fall. Nothing compliments the crisp weather better than a soft, warm sweater that you can tuck your arms inside, flap the sleeves around, and slap people with. And thank goodness! Because there’s also nothing more silly. Here are the chicest styles to transform you into a violent human squid:


Signature Cotton Fisherman Sweater (L.L.Bean, $89)

1. LLBEANfisherman

This sweater is crafted entirely from cotton yarns and couldn’t get any cozier. Layer yours over a flowing dress for a flattering look. Then make your arms disappear by holding them to your chest and turn the empty sleeves into a playful weapon. Find your friends and give them a good-hearted thwack. You are so silly!



Women’s Cable-Knit Sweater (Old Navy, $34)

2. OldNavyCableKnit

Chunky knit adds a bit of rustic-charm, while loads of sleeve space adds to the fun to this otherwise lame top. Gather as much speed as you can by running around in a fast circle. Then allow your momentum to turn you into a flappy-armed tornado. Hahaha we can’t stop laughing!!! What are you doing, you silly thing?!


Glamorous Turtleneck Sweater (Shopbop, $90)


What a darling, neck-hiding sweater for all occasions. Wear it to work and surprise your colleagues by spinning around in your desk chair while gleefully slapping them all with the sleeves. You’ll get that data entry done later. Right now you are too busy being hilarious and slappy and warm.


Llama Wearing a Scarf Sweater (, $32)

4. LlamaMiaModcloth

Cute, snuggle-worthy style. Wear this sweater outside and you won’t get cold as long as you’re laughing and flapping around fast enough. The sweet little llama design makes us feel young. Also the fact that we’re pretending that both our arms are gone while we run around the room slapping people left and right. Ha ha, you got us! What a blast we are having.



Floral Appliqued White Jumper (, $58)

5. FloralAppliqueromwe

You’ll be wearing sweaters for a while now that fall has arrived. So make it fun with animal prints, fringes, shag material, and gemstone buttons to distract you from the fact that your friends have stopped inviting you places because you won’t stop hitting them with your sweater. This game was fun at first but over time it became annoying, and now all you have is this bejeweled jumper to keep yourself company. And that is company enough! Enjoy!!!!


Look totally fashionable and alienate all your friends with the best fall sweaters for flapping the sleeves around and slapping them with. You’ll be glad you did!