Aww! These Two Besties Spent The Entire Night Telling Each Other They’re Hot

They say that true friends are never apart, and these two besties couldn’t be closer! Best friends Megan and Hawa spent all of last night telling each other they’re hot.


“I love Megan because I can always count on her to be supportive. I was feeling a little insecure about how my big toe curves in,” Hawa began, only to have Megan swoop in and spend 40 minutes telling her exactly how hot she is.


“Hawa was like, ‘My other toes look weird too,’” Megan told us. “And I was just like ‘Actually, that’s also hot!’”


The friends shared that their secret to friendship is to not use any word other than “hot” when encouraging each other, and also in any other kind of situation where it feels warranted.


“When Megan was putting a frozen pizza in the oven,” Hawa said. “I was like ‘Megan, you’re hot,’ and right then and there, she started bawling on the kitchen floor. It was beautiful.”


Sounds like these two besties really value quality time with each other!


Megan and Hawa tried to catch up on their, but they couldn’t get more than five minutes in before interrupting each other to tell the other that they’re hot.


“I was like ‘You’re so hot.’” Megan said.


“And then I was like ‘Stop, you’re so hot!’” Hawa furthered.



“No one gets me like my bestie,” Megan explained. “When she calls me hot it’s the greatest feeling in the world. That’s why 90% of our friendship is basically that.”


“I haven’t told anyone this,” Hawa said. “But I stopped going to therapy because nothing has bettered my mental state than being hot with my bestie.”


Wow! It looks like besties who constantly validate each other, stay together!