Skincare Hack! Woman Achieves Smooth Texture With A Zamboni

In an exciting story out of Houston, TX, 29-year-old Geena Johnson has found a skincare technique to completely smoothen the texture of her skin – and all it took was a giant zamboni!


“I’ve struggled with the texture of my skin for as long as I can remember,” Geena said. “I’ve tried everything; chemical peels, serums, moisturizers, jade rollers, you name it! But I finally found the solution when I used a zamboni from the local hockey rink.”


Talk about innovative skincare!


When asked about how she got the brilliant idea to use a five-ton ice resurfacer for smooth skin, Geena was delighted to let us know.


“After getting frustrated when another serum didn’t work for me,” she said. “I decided to go ice skating to cheer myself up. After about an hour of skating, we all had to leave the rink so they could smooth out the ice, and when I saw the zamboni come out and how smooth it made the rink, I asked how much it costs to rent one of those, and the rest is history.”


However, not everyone has immediate access to a zamboni, but fortunately Geena had some great tips for anyone trying to find one for themselves.


“There’s a few tricks to finding a zamboni to use for your skin,” Geena told us. “First, check if there’s any ice rinks near you. If there are, try to break in after hours. But if you don’t feel like committing a crime, or you’ve already been caught before, you could always try to befriend the zamboni driver instead!”


Friendship and skincare? Okay, we’re officially obsessed!



“There are some downsides to this method, though,” Geena warned. “Mainly just the pain. It’s going to hurt a lot. Like, unbearably so. I actually passed out the first time I tried it, but it gets easier with time and practice!”


At press time, Geena’s skin was flawless, but she has also been banned from over 60 ice rinks in the United States and Canada.