Aw! Woman Shows Dying Plant One Last Good Day

In a beautiful display of empathy, 29-year-old Lisa Leigh decided to give her dying orchid plant one last good day outside doing all the things it loved before it inevitably shriveled away.


After poorly taking care of it for the last three months, Lisa’s orchid was ready to leave this plane of existence and finally go to plant heaven with all of the other mishandled, delicate flowers.


“I did everything I could to give this plant a noble, full, and happy life,” says Lisa. “So now all I can do as it reaches its natural demise is give it just as happy a final act.”


While Lisa is completely responsible for her orchid’s premature death, we commend her efforts to make this the best day ever for her poor flower.


“I played some of my favorite music for it to listen to,” Lisa says. “It might not like Death Grips, but hey, I thought I’d give it a shot!”


The orchid’s glorious last day resulted in a field trip as well.


“I decided to take the plant to the community garden down the street,” says Lisa. “I figured that maybe if it saw other plants who were thriving, it would feel a little better to be among its little friends.”


“Then I tried to take us to get matching tattoos, but the guy thought I wanted to get a tattoo of the orchid and I was like, ew, no,” she adds. “Anyway, at least it got to ride the subway one last time.”


As the sun went down, the orchid’s last good day came to a close, with Lisa taking it back to her extremely dim apartment.



“We had a beautiful day together,” Lisa says. “And while I’m sad to see it go, at least I know I did everything I could for the terminal fella.”


While we aren’t totally sure if that last statement is true, Lisa ultimately ripped the plant out of the pot and threw it away before putting another orchid plant in.