Aw! This Emotional Support Dog Comforted a Stressed-Out Home Invader

Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend. But one inspiring pup went above and beyond the call of canine duty: Buddy, an emotional support dog, comforted the stressed-out home invader while he was actively burgling Buddy’s home.


Wow, Buddy! We stan an empathetic creature!



“We paid good money to have Buddy trained so well,” said Buddy’s owner, Liz DePaulo. “And I’m glad it worked, as our home intruder was displaying signs of distress. But maybe we should’ve adopted a rottweiler instead of a golden retriever.”


Liz went on to explain her perspective on Buddy’s triumphant fail.


“I mean, we did specifically have him trained to comfort me when I’m feeling overwhelmed in an unfamiliar environment,” said Liz. “But I do wish he would’ve at least barked or nipped at the guy. Buddy empowered him to steal literally all of my jewelry.”


“And I am gonna miss that Xbox,” she added, as Buddy climbed on the couch to comfort her.


Buddy’s trainer is not shocked.


“I train dogs to be the best support to humans as they can be,” said Max Luna. “So of course Buddy stepped up to the plate. I’m good at my job, though it is unfortunate about the priceless heirlooms that got nabbed as a result.”


The burglar, however, was incredibly impressed at Buddy’s gentle nature.



“I for sure thought that the dog bounding at me was gonna attack me,” said the burglar. “But he just came over to me and laid his head on my hands until I built up the nerve to keep robbing the place.”


“I kinda wish I took Buddy too, to be honest,” he added.


Aw, we wanna steal him too!!