Amazing! This Rescued Libra Was Raised By Capricorns, And Now She Thinks She Is One!

Meet Jenny Carr, the adorable 25-year-old Libra who was raised by Capricorns – and now thinks she is one!


Carr’s incredible story begins with self-proclaimed “total softie” and Capricorn, Kathleen Davis, who spotted the young Air sign alone at a bar. It didn’t take long for Davis to realize that the young Libra had been abandoned by the group of friends she had arrived with.


With no one of her kind around, Carr was left alone to navigate that weird 45 minutes between happy hour and the establishment’s weekly karaoke night, prompting Davis to spring into action.


“She told us that her friend left to go hook up with a guy, but she didn’t want to make a whole thing out of it,” says Davis. “So she was just standing around, making sad eyes at us. I knew right away I had to get her out of there and someplace safe.”


Now home with Davis, Carr was given a bed of soft blankets to call her own, and was renamed “Cookie,” after the sweet disposition she exhibited.



“She bonded with us almost immediately, and pretty much follows me and my two rescue Capricorns everywhere,” said Davis.


Cookie’s emotional well-being took a devastating turn for the worse on her fourth day with her new family, and she immediately became irritable and self-piteous at times, especially when forced to choose sides.


“She refused to eat, and at one point couldn’t even lift her own head,” Davis said, referring to the eye-dropper of instant grits and sugar used to keep the little Libra alive. “We were giving her everything we could but it was clear she was missing the harmonious, yet indecisive ways of her scale-weighing sisters.”


In an effort to simulate the astrological bond between them, Davis introduced her to her rescues.


“Cookie took to the girls right away, and she pretty much thinks she is one now!” Davis says. “She’s becoming more responsible and self-disciplined, which can sometimes be mistaken for coldness in her dealings with others.”


Today, Cookie enjoys life being part of the Capricorn pack, displaying her well-mannered albeit sometimes stubborn ways just like her adopted sisters.


“I’ve really turned my life around,” Cookie says, “I’m starting my own small business selling pantsuits and practical accessories, while volunteering on my off-days.”


Aww, what an adorable little Capricorn! With a new home and family to call her own, Cookie ended up being one lucky little Libra!