8 Public Proposals That’ll Have Her Saying Yes Solely From Social Pressure

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, the pressure to commit to a life together can start to feel very real. But why should you feel all that pressure? Shift some of that pressure onto her by proposing somewhere public! Sure, some women prefer low-key places so they can share this pivotal moment with only you, but this also gives her the chance to privately turn you down! Here are the best public proposal spots to pressure her into engagement:



At A Sports Game

Nothing says, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you and everyone needs to know” like sharing a significant moment surrounded by thousands of loud, screaming strangers drinking beer and waiting for some loser to propose an actual marriage on the Jumbotron. She’ll be sure to feel almost completely incapable of saying no with that level of social pressure. And kudos if you get the jumbotron to broadcast her reaction to the entire arena while she contemplates spending the rest of her eternity with you!


In The Presence Of Family

Proposing in front of family is symbolic and, more importantly, foolproof. If it’s your family, she’d feel too bad about rejecting you in front of your relatives. If it’s her family, she’ll say yes because she’ll assume you all talked about it beforehand, like some kind of elaborate lifetime-binding trick. This public proposal might feel less assuring since these people aren’t true strangers, but trust us: The pressure is still on her!


Your Favorite Band’s Concert

Music can move people, which is why you’ve decided to propose to her at the show of a band that is far more important to you than it is to her. She’ll for sure say yes out of fear of forever ruining this band for you.


Her Sister’s Wedding

Weddings make us reflect on our own romantic lives, so she’ll definitely be in the mood to say yes while in the presence of her family and friends of her sister and brother-in-law, many of whom she probably doesn’t know.


Her Parent’s Funeral

Funerals don’t always have to be about everyone acknowledging the recently deceased. What a way to turn things around during this total drag! She might be grieving the loss of her parents, but nothing can distract her from thinking about her mortality like being asked in front of a bunch of crying people if she wants to spend the rest of your life with you! Plus why would she want two bummers in one day? She’ll totally say yes.


While She’s Giving A Speech

Public speaking can be really daunting. Help her win the crowd over by derailing her speech and forcing her to commit her life to being with you in front of people who totally were not expecting this, including her!


When She’s On Stage Anywhere

If she’s on any stage, chances are likely that there’s an audience, and that’s all you need to ensure she’s intimidated into saying yes!


Literally Any Event That’s About Her And Not At All About You

Maybe she’s celebrating her birthday with friends or accepting an award at work or literally anything that is important to her. Doesn’t matter: turn the focus. Because it’s no longer about her. Or even you. It’s about the two of you together, and she’ll thank you for transforming the positive attention that was on her into social pressure.


They all sound so sweet and romantic, right? And what better way to unify a life together with your partner than by inviting a crowd of strangers to what should be an intimate moment between only you two!