7 Things Your OBGYN Isn’t Telling You About Her Divorce

The bond between a woman and her OBGYN is one of utmost intimacy. Your OBGYN knows you better than most of your Tinder matches, yet there are some things she’s been keeping from you – the juicy details about her divorce. Here’s what your gyno just isn’t telling her about her separation from Don last fall:


1. She’s honestly doing fine. She appreciates the sympathy but is really doing okay, all things considered. She’s taking a cooking class and really just getting to know herself. They got married young. What can you do?


2. He’s keeping the dog – It’s so crazy because she LOVES that dog, but apparently Don gets to keep him because his new place has a backyard?


3. She definitely tried to pull the ‘I’m pregnant’ card – I mean, it was really easy to fake (OBGYN, duh!) but he didn’t buy it and they’re still going through with the divorce.


4. She saw him out with their pilates instructor last night – It’s so sad because it was her idea for them to do pilates in the first place and now he’s dating her and she has to try barre or Crossfit or something.



5. It’s their son’s fault – Obviously they’re not going to tell him that, but little Axel really added to the pre-existing tension in their relationship. And the sex? That went right out the window as soon as he was born.


6. She drunk Facebook messaged her high school boyfriend – She had drank like a half a bottle of Skinnygirl Cosmo last Wednesday and one thing led to the next but it turns out he’s gay. It was worth a try, though.


7. She’s starting to use the #100DaysOfHappy hashtag on Instagram – She really thinks it’ll help her get back to the basics and remember what’s important in life. Obviously Axel will be one of the photos, but not the first one, that’s for sure.