7 Reasons You’re Not Your Guy Friend’s Type, Not That You Asked

You and your guy friend are super close, but the idea of being in any kind of romantic relationship is ridiculous. First of all, you’re definitely not interested, and second of all, he has explained the many reasons why you’re not his type without you even having to ask. Anyway, here’s all the reasons why you’re not his type. Thanks?


He’s More Attracted To Really Feminine Women

You were not interested in finding out what he finds unattractive about your style, but he was able to clarify nonetheless. You aren’t a girly girl, and he’s more into women who wear sundresses and giggle. So, now you know, unfortunately. Hmm.


He Likes More Mystery In A Relationship

You never even hinted that you thought a relationship with your close friend would be a good idea, but he’s laid it out plainly for you, anyway. Just so it’s clear, he doesn’t want to date you “because he already knows so much about you.” What’s the fun in that? You didn’t need to know any of that, but now you do!


You’ve Slept With Too Many People

Can he be honest with you? No, you actually asked him not to be, but he’ll tell you an embarrassing truth anyway. He thinks he’d feel nervous having sex with someone who’s slept with more than ten people. There, it’s out in the open, so you can feel bad about yourself!



You’re Too Tall

Ideally, he’d like to date someone at least six inches shorter than him. You are only a couple inches shorter, which he felt the need to tell you. Really cleared that up.


He Doesn’t Want To Date a Girl Who Has Similar Tastes to Him

You have the exact same taste in movies and music, he offered up unsolicited, as an explanation for why he wouldn’t want to date you. Where would the spark in the relationship come from if he couldn’t show his girlfriend his favorite things for the first time? You don’t care, but he really needs you to know this.


You’re A Little Too Sarcastic

While you never worried whether your sense of humor was attractive to your friend, he was able to volunteer the information that it can be emasculating at times. Wow! And you didn’t even have to ask!


You’re Kind Of a Dork

You’re a total goofball, which he loves about you, but it’s not a quality he could see himself being attracted to. No offense intended, he just thought you should know, even though you tried to stop him in mid-sentence by repeating, “I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care.”


Friendships with the opposite sex can broaden your horizons. Before long, you’ll discover how to feel bad about not being attractive to someone you’d never consider