7 Creative Projects That Will Never be as Fulfilling as Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Have you hit a wall in quarantine? Are you wondering what your true purpose is? Do you have a hard time remembering when you did something that was just for you? Haha, we get it, girl! Here are some creative project ideas that might temporarily get you out of your funk, but ultimately won’t be as fulfilling as organizing the hell out of your kitchen cabinets.


Cross-stitch your favorite quote.

Cross-stitch art is as satisfying to make as it is to see on your wall. But none of that comes close to how satisfying it feels to place like items together in your kitchen cabinets, so the next time you want to bake some cupcakes, you can just grab the box with all your baking materials in it and get to mixing! But if you want to spend your life untangling embroidery thread, go for it.


Start a scrapbook.

Creating a scrapbook will help you focus on all the good in your life. Seriously though, if we’re being honest, is there anything that makes you feel more alive than Marie Kondo-ing the shit out of your appliances, pantry staples, and dishware? Put THAT in your scrapbook!



Invent a new recipe.

Julia Child, who? You don’t have to be a professional chef to create an original recipe! But before you do that, notice how hard it is to reach the seasoning in the back of your shelf, spend two hours browsing storage solutions on Amazon.com, and ultimately purchase three Lazy Susan-style organizers. Then just go to Shake Shack. You’ve earned it.


Collage a vision board.

If you want to feel both artistic and inspired, you can create a vision board using old magazine cutouts, photos, quotes, anything really! But if you want to accomplish something that you will actually look at once it’s completed, try freeing up cabinet space by installing hooks for your mugs!


Take a ceramics class.

Making pottery is soothing, practical, and yes, a little sensual. But do you know what else is soothing, practical, and sensual, but doesn’t cost $45 a class plus materials? Alphabetizing your spice rack.


Decoupage a frame.

Gather some of your favorite magazines, some Mod Podge, and…we’re not even going to lie to you. Decoupaging a frame will never come close to the feeling of joy and completion when you finally find the perfect place to store your salad spinner. It just won’t.


The next time you find yourself in a rut, try expressing yourself creatively, or better yet, organizing yourself obsessively. Once every inch of your home is stored, filed, and alphabetized, then you’ll be ready to write your book of nature poems, for sure!