6 Ways to Prove Your Best Friendship is Better Than Sophie And Rachel’s

Sophie and Rachel may post dumb articles about friendship all the time and say, “Oh my god, that’s totally us!” but let’s be serious; their friendship is really kind of basic. Here are just a few ways to prove that your friendship with your best friend is far superior to theirs:


Show them their inside jokes aren’t funny.

Sophie and Rachel have irritating laughing fits whenever they tell the story of when one of them said a funny thing once. But you and your best friend have the Taco Bell story, which is way better. It was so funny, you can’t even tell people most of what happened, but Taco Bell was closed because they had a fire, and then totally out of nowhere this guy… anyway, it was the funniest thing that’s ever happened. Sophie and Rachel would have experienced it and not even noticed how hilarious it was. Hahahahahaha.


Point out their stupid nicknames for each other.

Sophie endearingly calls Rachel “Rachet” and Rachel calls Sophie “Sophierce.” But you accidentally call your best friend by your very own, government name all the time. They’re close, but you can’t even differentiate yourself from her anymore. Maybe if they weren’t so busy making puns, their friendship would be able to touch yours.



Prove that their identical likes and dislikes are just surface-level.

Big deal, no one cares that they feel the same spiritual connection to Sam Smith. You and your best friend randomly realized that in order to get songs unstuck from your heads, you both hum The Backstreet Boys’ hit single “Backstreet’s Back.” Who does that?! Only you guys, and most certainly NOT Rachel and Sophie. Don’t be afraid to prove it, right in front of them, cause you’re awesome.


They finish each other’s sentences – you guys start each other’s sentences.

Rachel knew Sophie was gonna finish her joke with “Klondike bar” that one time. Wow, who could’ve seen that one coming? You stopped speaking verbally to each other almost three years ago because you already know every thought and emotion she could have under any circumstance. Suck it, Rachel and Sophie!


Blood sisters? Lol, cool.

They sliced their fingers open in third grade and mushed blood together to make things official. Whoopty freakin doo. You guys had your kidneys surgically switched. Oh really, they can order each other’s drinks at bars? YOU GUYS TRADED ACTUAL HUMAN ORGANS!


They can imagine themselves as any TV duo.

They think they totally are Abbi and Ilana from Broad City. But you and your best friend actually ARE Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer from the hit television program Broad City. You sure showed them!


Sophie and Rachel can make joke Twitter accounts together and tinder for each other all they want. That’s fine. They can be best friends, but it’s pretty clear who the BEST best friends are.