6 Signs Your Troubled Relationship is Ready To Host a Home Renovation Show

Sometimes a relationship gets so dysfunctional, there’s only one way out – cohosting a home renovation show. If your relationship is down in the dumps, here’s a few signs it may be time to spruce things up by simply ignoring your problems and hosting a home renovation show instead!


Instead of addressing the reasons you can’t be in a room together, you keep saying, “We need more room!”

If you and your spouse are barely on speaking terms yet you mask that resentment by projecting the problem onto your home, it may be time to host a home renovation show focused on expanding spaces. You’ll be able to walk into any client’s home, imagine the closeness of your loathsome spouse within those walls and say, “We definitely need to get you guys some more space!” Then bicker the day away as you make someone’s dream home a reality.


You’ve been collecting salvaged wood instead of connecting with each other.

If you and your partner have fueled all the energy of your relationship into hoarding pieces of salvaged wood instead of talking things out and figuring out what isn’t working, you’re definitely ready to add some rustic details to home renovations. Instead of sitting down in private to vent your frustrations, use this opportunity to express your barely repressed rage on camera with a smile as he drops a freshly painted piece of wood on the floor. Your marriage might be falling apart, but it makes for some great TV! You’ve really made it!


You can’t decide whether to move out of this relationship or stay in this home.

If you can’t decide whether to just end things with him and your shared home, or to stay and make the relationship and the space work, your life is perfect for a home reno show on TLC or HGTV or maybe even YouTube if that’s all you can muster. Allow viewers to follow you and your partner through all the trials and tribulations of a major home renovation, where at the end, you’ll decide if the home is right for your future, or if you’re actually just heading straight for a divorce. What fun!



You’re literally addicted to home renovations and just can’t stop.

If you and your husband are addicted to home renovations to the detriment of everything and everyone else in your life, including your relationship, it’s definitely time to cohost a TV show. Funnel your manic energy into your dangerous passion, without apology. It’s healthy to only think about homes and no other person, if you’ve got a show about it!


When the going get’s tough in relationships, it’s time to break out the sledgehammer ’cause we’ve got work to do. Now let’s get this show on the road!