6 Signs Your Choir Is Practicing Without You

You’ve always been there for your 25-piece, all-female pop choir, but lately you’ve been feeling like you’re outside the group—and not in a cool “outsider” way. You’re devoted to them, but are they devoted to you? Here’s how to know for sure if those silver-tongued sirens are practicing without you.


You didn’t even know P!nk had been added to the repertoire.

You love Alecia “P!nk” Moore, and you’ve been campaigning to get her smash hit “Get The Party Started” added to the group’s opening medley since you first joined. Now Lisa has arranged the harmonies and assigned the parts, and guess what? You’re not in it! Get this party over with an impromptu rendition of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” while standing outside a window, looking in at everyone. That way they’ll know that you know they’ve been practicing without you.



Suddenly Stella is getting all the solos. Stella.

Stella’s vibrato has always been weak and she’s never perfected her breathing technique—and suddenly she’s getting SOLOS? This means high-level discussions have been held without you. There may even be a WhatsApp group that you’re not involved in. Stella thinks practice makes perfect—but not if it’s without you!


So, what, now everyone likes Katie’s cake pops?

Your fellow choir members used to beg you to bring your carrot cake mini cupcakes to rehearsals, but recently the girls haven’t been able to shut up about Katie’s cake pops. Apparently she makes “these awesome triple chocolate ones” and “you wouldn’t even believe the lemon zest flavor”. When are they eating these? Without YOU is when.



The choirs new look doesnt involve your handmade fabric corsages.

No one has worn oversize cloth corsages since Carrie in the Sex & The City movie, so hand-embroidered matching corsages seemed like the perfect choice to adorn your beloved choir friends. However, now they’ve changed the performance dress code: Your corsages are out, Kelly’s black vinyl headbands are in. Since when? Since they’ve been practicing WITHOUT YOU.


They schedule every gig for when they know youre not free

Lately, it’s been the same every time: You fill out the doodle poll along with the rest of the choir, and somehow the one date you can’t do all month, is the only date they book for a concert. Do they realize you’re the only one in the group who can not only sing Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You”, but also act it? No. Because they’ve been practicing without you!


If your choir is practicing without you, the betrayal will hurt, but watching their YouTube channel every night while crying will hurt more. Move on! Remember, success is the best form of revenge, so go find yourself a new choir and enjoy quietly bearing a grudge against your old choir forever.