6 Gigantic Tote Bags That Say ‘Actually, Maybe I Do Want Kids’

It happens to all of us. You buy an enormous tote bag, with ample room for snacks, sanitizers, and coloring books, and you suddenly think to yourself, “On second thought, maybe I should have kids.” When you realize that your tote bag can easily be converted to a diaper bag, you might just change your mind on having babies. The following bags are sure to make you second-guess that major life decision!


1-tommy hilfiger

1. Tommy Hilfiger Grommets Tote (Macy’s, $88)

This preppy colorblock number from Tommy Hilfiger can definitely fit your laptop, makeup bag, and the newest Margaret Atwood book, but it could also fit tons of baby wipes, toys, Cheerios, and juice boxes. Strap this one over your shoulder and imagine yourself as a hip mommy to a child named Orchid Rose. Rose Orchid? Nah, Orchid Rose. You know, theoretically.






2-lillian c

2. Lillian Court Medium Harmony Tote (Kate Spade New York, $298)
Just because this tote is white doesn’t mean you can’t make a mess of it with poop, vomit, and pee from the child that you’re now seriously considering conceiving. Luckily the sleek leather sides will wipe right down. Sure, right now you use it to carry your planner, wallet, smaller purse, change of clothes, canned tuna, makeup bag and birth control pills, but all that could be diapers soon!








3. Palermo Tote (Cole Haan, $248)
This cute blue leather bag is downright gigantic, fitting a laptop and more. But that chic blue color could also mean blue for a baby boy! Maybe you should call Derrick and see if he he’d be willing to donate his sperm?







4. Disney Minnie Mouse Sitting Pretty Tote (Fun.com, $42.99)
A Disney tote bag? Adorable! You’ll never grow up—or will you? This Minnie Mouse bag will have you thinking, “How much would a potential child love this bag?” and “We could watch Frozen together,” and “Where is the nearest in vitro fertilization clinic?”







5. BCBG Paris Reversible Tote & Pouch Set (Saks Fifth Avenue, $98)
BCBG or BC-Baby? That’s for you to decide, and pretty soon my lady—tick-tock! You’ll be lugging this massive thing around town with all your crap in it, so couldn’t you get used to lugging around a baby too? Yeah, sure, maybe!







6. Crewcuts Girls Glitter Tote (J. Crew, $49.50)
If this sparkly tote doesn’t scream, “Kids might be in my future… I’m just still not sure yet,” then we don’t know what does! Just think of how much a little girl would love the sparkle of this tote while playing in the park. Do you even know where the nearest park is? Look it up, now. NOW!




There you have it! Gigantic totes that for the curious, maybe-kinda-soon-I think-mother! Lug these huge tote bags and feel your ovaries start making decisions for you.