Runway-Inspired Outfits That Will Make You So Uncomfortable During This Six-Hour Flight

So you have an international business trip coming up, and you want to look professional while still being comfortable as you sit for hours in that cramped middle seat. Well, sorry, but that’s impossible! By following these simple tips you can easily look runway-ready for your flight, while sacrificing all possibility of ever being comfortable in the meantime.


  1. Silk Blouse and Slim-Fit Pants

Whether it’s solid or printed; cotton, or polyester, there’s a simple button-down blouse hidden away in your closet somewhere just waiting to be showcased! If you tuck it in with a pair of skinny pants, you’ll look business-ready and feel bloated-bad as your feet and hands start to swell in this sleek professional look. You may also have to deal with that muffin top folding over your tight trousers for the next six hours, but hey—at least no one can see it!



  1. Cropped Blouse and High-Waisted Skirt

No matter your body type, crop tops and high-waisted skirts are universally flattering. Especially while slouching in a soft chair! Pair a matching top and bottom, or create your own look with mix-and-match separates. Either way, you’re going to feel like any sudden movements could make your outfit pop right off with how tightly packed in you are! So just sit back and enjoy being very still in spite of all the turbulence.


  1. Striped Shirt and Cigarette Jeans

Not only is this look cute and attainable no matter what your budget, it’s also basically impossible to mess up. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans and a simple shirt, so try this pairing out if you want to look classic, and also feel trapped inside of that stiff denim for what may seem like a lifetime as you’re stuck on the tarmac for an extra hour.


  1. Short Flowy Dress and Killer Shoes

A nice flowy dress can look good on its own or be dressed up with a blazer. The downward sweep of the dress will draw attention to your fabulous shoes, which will add a statement to your outfit, and thoroughly injure your feet by the time you’ve been through security. You might even like having that long flight to rest up before you have to walk again. Ask the flight attendant for extra ice!



  1. Big Sweater and Small Skirt

Style is all about contrast and balance. The looseness of a big sweater paired with a form-fitting skirt will have you looking great and have your comfort level at “I am unable to cross or spread my legs!”


With these tips in mind, you’re ready to go forth and look great during your flight, no matter how uncomfortable you are. Good luck!