6 Fashionable Cowboy Boots That Say, ‘Howdy Y’all, I Just Learned About Kacey Musgraves!’

Y’all catch the Grammy Awards? That Kacey Musgraves gal sure can sing, and her style’s good as all heck, too. If you’d asked us last week, we might’ve said the Southern country look was cheesy, but now that we’ve had Miss Musgraves playing on repeat for five days straight, we’re changing our tune! If you’re ready to rock right along with the progressive sweetheart of country music, throw on a pair of these cowboy boots, and head to the line dance!


Frye Boots In Red, $198
Oh, What A World where a gal can assert her independence in sassy kicks and winged eyeliner. These adorable boots will tell the whole dive bar, “Yep, I’m just findin’ out about this Kacey gal, but ya’ll better throw a coin in the juke box and get on board, ya hear?”


Roper American Flag Boots, $208
Americana is back, y’all! You’ll look classic, not conservative, steppin’ off your high horse in these starred and striped boots. Did you see her reaction when she won Album Of The Year? Yee-haw!


Corral Women’s Square-Toe, $190
Even a Dime Store Cowgirl will look like Pageant Material in this pair. Throw these on to look like a true rebel, who juuuust discovered Kacey Musgraves and country.


Justin Basics Distressed Leather Boots, $89.95
Cowboy boots are a lot more comfortable than y’all might think. And they make it darn tootin’ fun to put on an accent. These are great for long walks where you’ll shout, “‘Follow Your Arrow’ and ‘Biscuits’ came out years ago, why ain’t no one told me?!”



Rag&Bone Black With Rhinestones, $450
“Well hey there, Velvet Elvis, you look good as an apple pie on a hot July day,” is what people will probably say when they see you in these boots and realize you’ve discovered Musgraves.


Jill Boot In Floral, $250
Comfortable, bold, durable and they actually go with everything, just like Golden Hour, which will be playing all day, every day, until Kacey drops the next album, and you pretend you’ve been with her since the beginning.


Kacey would want you to get whichever pair most speaks to your unique and special cowgirl heart, whatever puts a little giddy up in your day. Doesn’t matter where you come from, what you’re up against or what the rest of your musical taste is. You like country music now, as long as country music is just Kacey Musgraves and a handful of Dixie Chicks songs.