6 Edible Arrangements That Say, ‘Is Your Brother Fair Game?’

Ladies, we’ve all been there: dying of thirst over your friend’s suddenly hot brother. Last time you saw him he was just a little teenage goon, but now—damn! Of course, asking your gal pal if you can bone her brother can be a little awkward. Thankfully, we’ve found six Edible Arrangements that perfectly tackle this delicate question with the tact and empathy only a fruit bouquet could muster:




This Nice Fruit Bouquet

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Last time you saw Luke, he had braces with rubber bands and played the trumpet. But now? That boy has become a man, and you’d love to get the OK to fuck his brains out for a couple of months. But don’t rush into things without his sister’s blessing! Let your BFF think things through over a bouquet of fruit that looks like flowers.




This Fancy Centerpiece Bouquet

This elegant fruit salad perfectly communicates that you’ll try your best not to make things weird, but let’s get real, you can’t control everything and sometimes we need to just let fate wash over us. The grape kebabs add a subtle dash of, “Can you just be chill about this for once in your goddamn life and let me aggressively hit on Kyle?!”


3-weird cake


This Weird Cake Thing

Wow. There’s nothing like assorted fruits cut in the shape of daisies to say, “Okay, so, I came across Mike on Tinder and he looked GOOD. So I nervously shut the app, but I know he’ll be there when I open it again. Can I please swipe right next time?” She’ll be totally on board once she feasts on this delightfully arranged cake-lookin’ bouquet!





This Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Bouquet

Of course, a sister may have a hard time recognizing how hot her little brother is. Open her eyes to the bona fide sex god her brother has become with this meticulously crafted pile of strawberries. It’s the perfect way to say, “I know you can’t think about him that way, but it’s literally ALL I can think about.”




Basket Bouquet

This Edible Arrangement screams, “We’re all adults here, grow up!” It’s also perfect for admitting that you and Jake made out once in high school but you never told her, so it’s really not a big deal if you go after him now, right? You can’t possibly ruin you and your bestie’s friendship when you’ve given her this basket of pineapple that so simply says it all.




Mug Bouquet

This deeply sexual arrangement cuts right to the chase: “Girl, I’m going to swallow your brother like a mug of hot tea, whether you like it or not!” For the aggressive girl, send your friend this formality of a food bouquet before you throw yourself on her brother’s D. It’s even a great way to say, “Dibs on your cousin, too!”


Well, there you have it. Why suffer through the awkward, “Is it cool if I hit on your brother?” conversation when you can just send her one of these classy Edible Arrangements? We’re sure your efforts will be fruitful!