4 Ways To Speak Your Truth To The Intruder In Your Home

Speaking your truth is an essential aspect of living a life full of authenticity. But it’s can be a lot harder when there’s an intruder in your home who seems more interested in stealing your TV than respecting your vulnerability in this situation. Should that situation arise, here are four ways to speak your truth to the intruder who just entered your home.


Be in the moment

When you turn on the light to your living room and see the intruder for the first time, there may be moment where you both freeze and time stands still. Instead of pulling out your phone to dial 911, don’t be afraid to live in the moment. Before he takes out a weapon to attack you, ground yourself and breathe deeply through your nose so your authentic emotions—such as fear—can surface. Ah, yes. You’re in the here and now.


Know what you really want.

Though it may seem impossible, the only way to speak your truth while getting robbed is to know what you really want out of the situation. This challenge is an opportunity to reconnect with your authentic desire to not get robbed, and for this intruder to get out of your underwear drawer where you keep all your expensive lingerie. Just like you need to let go of your doubts, he needs to let go of that beautiful, bejeweled garter belt you bought for $300 bucks at La Perla. Don’t you feel so much more connected to yourself?


Find some common ground.

The old saying, “Hurt people hurt people’ is 100% true, so reach within yourself for compassion toward your robber and find some common ground while he’s robbing you. After all, judging other people only leads to separation from them, and you’re trying to connect to yourself and everyone else in the universe no matter what. If the man who just tied you to a chair refuses to find common ground, suggest an activity that can lay the groundwork for future friendship, like partner yoga or grabbing a Chai tea latte. When you’re in touch your truth, you can be in touch with anyone. So why not now? Why not him?



Express Gratitude.

You might be distracted by the robbery taking place in front of you, but try to express some gratitude for what you’ve been given. Whether you decide to take the path of reconciliation, or the path that leads to you locking yourself in your bathroom until the police arrive, be grateful that you’ve been given such a wonderful opportunity to speak what’s inside without self-judgment and doubt. Look after your truth, and the universe will look after you.


Like so many other things in life, it is hard to predict what the outcome will be. But when you remember these four ways, you will know that at least you remained authentic and spoke your truth. And that’s one thing that an intruder definitely won’t be able to take from you.