5 Stunning Spring Lip Shades to Leave Smeared Across His Shaft

Spring is here, and it’s all about rocking a bright, bold, confident hue that brings attention to your smile – and when things get steamy, will eventually end up smeared across his shaft in a way that will really grab attention. Here are our favorite bold spring lip colors that will bring just the right amount of flirty fun to your face and his shaft and tip!


  1. Wet ‘n Wild Very Berry Kiss

When your lips are this irresistibly shiny, the guy you’ve been kinda dating since March will definitely invite you to spend the night after his house party, and will even kiss you on the mouth in front of his friends, because he knows that once you two are alone, you’ll be sucking down his meat ’til your eyes water. This light and fruity shade will complement any skin tone – even his baby-pink penis.


  1. Maybelline Pretty In Pink Gloss

This brand-new item is one of our must-haves for the season because it comes in a sleek tube that glides effortlessly across your lips, before your lips slide up and down your fiancé’s dingaling. From the soft mushroom head all the way down the big vein on the underside, each and every inch of him will be covered in this GORGEOUS nontoxic shiny pink glaze!


  1. Chanel Lip Perfection in Sunset

This bold and brassy coral is perfect for special occasions: Fourth of July, outdoor concerts, heading tongue-first into Michael’s hairy jungle of a pubic area in search of something to fellate. By the time you reach his cock, most of this shade will have rubbed off of your lips and onto his pubes, but there will still be just enough left to leave a ring of orange-y kisses where the shaft meets the nut sack.


  1. Kat Von D Bite Me Balm

With an SPF rating of 35, this lightly tinted balm is the one to take on picnics and road trips and leave in big gloopy blobs on his balls when you want to try tea-bagging and he’s not into it and you aren’t either but at least you tried.


  1. Glossier Matte Lipstick in Poppy

Is this pretty and affordable lip shade just what you need to spice up a regular outfit? Yes! Will it inevitably find its way to Connor’s curved and surprisingly warm genitals? Also yes! Happy spring!


With these fun, fruity and floral lip shades in your makeup bag, you’ll be smiling your way through the season! And then sort of making an O-shape with your mouth and trying not to let your teeth get in the way.