How to Do Your Makeup Perfectly For One Spot in One Room of Apartment

Sometimes we get so stuck in the makeup routines that we miss the big picture – does my makeup look good? Or does it only look good in this one random dark corner of my room where I do my makeup and take selfies? If you’re looking to apply your makeup flawlessly but only for that one tiny spot in one room of your apartment, here are the best tips to get it done:


Apply foundation all over your face, including the places you can’t see right now.

Using a duo fiber brush, apply foundation all over your skin, and blend it into your neck. This will give your skin a balanced, smooth look in the tiny compact mirror you’re using, and a blotchy, painted on look once you enter broad daylight.


Apply concealer below your eyes in the shape of a triangle – no blending necessary.

This technique ensures natural-looking coverage, brightening up your face and drawing attention to your eyes at the same time. Then when you leave your apartment, your eyes will draw attention in a different way, looking reminiscent of a clown’s eyes.



Apply highlighter and blush liberally along your cheekbones.

Applying highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, chin and Cupid’s bow, is a great way to add shine to your face in all the right places; that is, until you have lunch with a friend and she asks if the girl you babysit sort of slapped glitter on your face when you weren’t looking. This, combined with a light blush swiped onto the apples of your cheeks, will make your friend instead believe the one-year-old infant attempted to do your makeup for you.


Use contour powder on your nose, forehead and cheekbones so people will say, “Wow, she really contoured.”

Nothing looks more perfect in a medium-lit photo than contouring. A contour powder will make your face look more defined as you attempt to do your makeup standing up in your room that has one lamp in the corner and that’s it. Get ready for the compliments, or at least concerned friends asking if you fell in some sort of ditch this morning!


With this easy routine, you’ll look airbrushed in no time, so long as you stand in that one spot of your room and don’t move or do anything for the rest of the day!