5 Strains of Weed That Will Make You Scared

Weed is known to cause a multitude of responses in people. It makes some people feel happy, some hungry, some sleepy, and some completely paralyzed by fear. Keep reading if you’re looking for five strains of weed that will guarantee you have at least one anxiety attack after rolling up!


Purple Gasoline

This sativa dominant strain is perfect for getting terrified in your own bedroom at 3 p.m. You might be able to fight through the fear and take a walk or something about an hour later, but in all honesty you’ll probably just have to take a nap to get rid of the paranoia.


OG Pretzel

This strain of weed will have you feeling super pleasant for about the first minutes after you take your first toke, but if you keep smoking you’re gonna regret everything you’ve done for the past five years. Blaze it!


Banana Dreams

Are you insanely ugly, or actually drop dead gorgeous? This hybrid strain won’t help you find out, but it will torture you with this question for hours. You may also invest in several different beauty products that you subsequently decide to order online!


Golden Kush

This strain is a fan favorite for those who like to ask themselves, Ddoes everyone secretly hate me?” If you have a tiny fear in the back of your head that you might be kind of annoying, this strain is probably perfect for you.



Diesel Express

This indica dominant strain results in a strong body high. So while you may not be living in a prison of your own mind, you will feel like your body is no longer your own. Reviews of this strain feature people saying “Why is my heart beating so fast?” or “Why is my heart beating so slow?” and the occasional “Wow, I literally can’t move even if I wanted to.” Scared is what this will make you!


So if you’re interested in staring at the ceiling while your mind races for hours after you smoked a little weed to fall asleep, pick any of these five strains and you’ll be asking yourself why you even smoke weed in the first place!