5 Gift Ideas For the Gal Who Loves Peen

Giving your friend the perfect gift shows you care. But what do you get for your friend who has it all, but thinks penises are just the best? Here are five gift ideas for that gal in your life who loves peen.



Some women would feel embarrassed to be gifted a vibrator, but not the girl who looooves dick! Even though all you really know about her is that she really enjoys the look and feel of penises, it is still safe to say if she loves dude’s junk, she’ll find a vibrator useful and fun. In the end, it’s shaped like a penis, and she doesn’t stop talking about those! Way to nail this peen-y gift!



Buy your peen-loving friend a collection of nice soaps. What an affordable luxury gift! And since this girl’s main characteristic is that she digs dongs, pick up a soap that’s shaped like one. She’s always talking about her interactions with dicks, so she’ll probably love getting some novelty dick soap. Again, somehow all you know about her is that she loves peen, so this is really your only option. She really only talks about peen, huh? You’re so good at gifts!



Sweets are the perfect indulgence, so pick up a bag of assorted schlong-shaped chocolates and gummies for that shaft-obsessed chick in your life. She’ll freak out that she gets to eat dick in a whole new way, because she really cannot shut up about all things D. Really, that girl loves peen so much. She called an actual peen “yummy” recently, so just wait until she tries a candy dong. Chew on that, ya gift goddess!



Nothing says “I know you” like buying a dick-lover a pair of cozy slippers. With erect penises sewn onto the toes, obviously! She’ll get a kick out of them because, duh, she’s a weiner girl. She’s going to love them and also what the heck else would you get her, since peenie-muncher is basically her whole identity at this point. She’s such a dick bitch!



Sterling Silver Pendant

If you’re interested in showing the yoo-hoo admirer you love her, buy her a beautiful silver pendant. Of a long-ass wang, but that goes without saying. She’ll be moved that you bought her jewelry, and she’ll love that it’s so personal. Maybe now she’ll have enough penis stuff to cool the cock talk for a while? Probably not, lol. Now that’s a groin gift!


Here are five perfect gifts for that lovely lady in your life who loves all things penis. And if she doesn’t love these, literally who the fuck is she and what more could she want from you, her friend who’s just trying to satiate her dick hunger!!