5 Curly Hair Routines That Also Double as H.I.I.T. Workouts

So, you’ve slept through your alarm and no longer have time to hit the gym, wash your curly hair, and eat before work. This would pose a problem for someone with straight, easily combable hair, but you’re in luck! Making curls pop requires a very specific set of skills, a few heavy machinery licenses, and strength beyond belief. Here are four curly hair routines that double as high intensity interval training.


The T-shirt Method.

The worst thing you can do with curly hair is brush it out and blow-dry. Instead, opt for this simple method, where you flip your head, grab a t-shirt while upside down, maneuver your arms so the shirt can lightly caress every strand, and smack your own head hundreds, if not thousands, of times. When you start crying involuntarily, you’ll know you’re almost there. Let’s go, ladies! Get those elbows in! Knees up! Now that’s what we call explosive anaerobic exercise.


Scrunch, bunch, hunch.

The “scrunch, bunch, hunch” method is a great full-body workout to simultaneously create some coils and get your glutes going. It’s a lot like the t-shirt method but sans t-shirt for a full air-dry. Bend your back at a 90-degree angle, and really get in there with your hands. Throw that hair around, curl those biceps, put some squat action behind it, and you’ll hit 80% of your maximum heart rate in no time!


Deep condition.

Using a silicone-free or leave-in conditioner, work the product from your scalp to the ends of your hair, a process that will undoubtedly ruin your forearms and make your triceps beg for mercy. Quick 15-minute intervals, everyone! Work up a sweat then wash that sweat away immediately!


Get a diffuser involved.

Sure, you can’t straight-up blow-dry curly hair, but you can certainly use a diffuser! And luckily for your upper arm muscles, it will take approximately 40 minutes before it is even close to dry. Like barre, this method is all about micro-movements that will cause intense pain: Raise your arm to a new spot every one to two minutes and hold it there until you start seeing stars. Extra points if you black out! That’s just the H.I.I.T working!




These are self-explanatory. Somehow your hair will dry perfectly. Don’t ask questions, just trust.


Do these methods correctly and you’ll have perfect curls and bulging deltoids in no time! And if these feel like too much effort, there’s always the tried-and-true method to ensure camera-ready hair in seconds: shave your head!