How to Get a Non-Invasive Facelift by Getting Cornrows

Want an instant face snatch, but too afraid to go under the knife? For a non-invasive option, cornrows will give you the look of a facelift with half the time. Before visiting a plastic surgeon’s office, go to the braiding shop. Here’s how you can use some cornrows for a face pulled up toward the gods.


Find the right hair braider.

Facelifts can cost thousands, while cornrows can cost anywhere from $45 to $400 depending on the style. You want to find a braider who fits your price point and knows what they’re doing, so do your research. The wrong braider will have you walking out of the salon looking like Shemar Moore’s famous cornrow wig, but remember: The goal here is to look exactly 27!


Prepare your edges.

While less painful than cosmetic surgery, fresh cornrows will still have your head throbbing for four to five days. But the smaller your cornrows, the tighter your face will be snatched. No matter the size of your braids, you need to prepare your baby hairs so you are not left edgeless at the end of your procedure. Prep with Jojoba oil and prayers to the braiding goddesses up to four days before your procedure. With simple cornrows, you don’t have to be sliced up like deli meat to be yassified!



Get your hair braided.

After all your research and prep, it’s time for the day of the procedure! The final step in getting your noninvasive rhytidectomy is to get your hair cornrowed. Unlike a traditional face lift, you will be awake during your procedure, you’ll need a fully charged phone, a book, and some snacks. Occupy your mind to distract from your edges crying for help. Don’t worry, though – beauty is pain! You will be so snatched, like Kim Kardashian in her “Bo Derek” braids. The higher your cheekbones, the closer to God!


Tender-headed people be warned: this option might be dangerous for your sensitive scalps, so you might want to opt for a traditional facelift instead. If you commit to the initial pain of fresh cornrows, you are certain to have a face so lifted your boobs will get jealous. Who needs to go under the knife when you can the same results with a couple packs of Kanekelon hair and some resilient edges?