5 Craft Beers That Taste Like Beer All Right


We live in a world where there is no shortage of amazing craft beers available at our fingertips. And boy, do they all taste like beer! Whether you prefer an IPA or a lager, or that other one that’s not those two, here are five incredible craft beers that definitely taste like beer, all right.


Bells Two Hearted Ale (Comstock, MI)

This classic single-hop IPA was one of the first great craft beers and yep, this one sure does taste like beer! This one might be a little more beery than others if you’re into that kind of thing, but one thing we can definitely say is, “This is beer for sure.”


Summit Extra Pale Ale (St. Paul, MN)

If you’re looking for a quiet classic that’s tastes just like beer, look no further than this beer that lives up to its name (beer)! This English-American ale is carbonated and will go down your throat, just like beer is supposed to. If you drink a lot of it, you’ll feel gassy, and that’s when you’ll know: “I definitely just drank some beer.”


Live Oak Hefeweizen (Austin, TX)

Modeled after Bavaria’s finest beer (honestly what do we know – they are probably all the same), a bartender will pour this Hefe into a tiny glass for you, so you can take a sip and look at the ceiling for a minute and say, “Wow, this is definitely beer alright.” This incredible wheat beer will taste just like beer, no matter what!


Grimm Afterimage (Brooklyn, NY)

Wow yep, this one is also beer! Don’t drink this one if you’re looking for a cheap beer. This one costs more but it still just tastes like beer.


Original Sin Cider (NY, NY)

Close to beer but definitely not beer. You gotta watch out for this one.



Now that you know the best beers for when you’re looking for a beer that tastes like beer, you’re ready to head out to your local craft beer bar and order the coolest, most dynamic beer and be sure that you’re definitely getting beer.