4 Signs of an Extremely Intelligent Person That Weirdly All Apply to You?

While intelligence comes in a million different iterations, is unique to different cultures, vocations, and worldviews, and is nearly undefinable – the following four signs all indicate that someone is an unequivocal smarty pants. Plus, not to be weird or anything, but they also all randomly apply to you? Take a look!


1. You’re curious about the world around you.

One of the primary ways to tell if someone is an intellectual is to see whether or not they’re curious about  the world around them. Sort of like the way you were curious about what your electric stove top would feel like if you touched it with your bare hand while it was turned on. By being curious, intelligent people never stop learning new things, and often learn things others never discover (like how hot stove tops can burn your palm).


2. You’re incredibly adaptable.

All intelligent people possess the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to new situations. They are flexible and are able to thrive in a variety of different environments. Which, now that you think about it, is definitely something you’d say you’re good at. Like, one time you went to McDonald’s to get a McFlurry but their ice cream machine was broken, and you only cried in quiet frustration for one minute before driving to the Wendy’s across the street to get a Frosty instead. Can you say “savant”?


3. You’re open to new ideas.

Now, this one’s uncanny. You’ve been told you were open to new ideas your entire life! People usually used phrases like “highly susceptible” and “weak-minded” – but still! By keeping themselves open to new experiences, world views, and opportunities, extremely intelligent people retain a capacity for adding to their own perspectives and broadening their understanding of the world. Your mom is about to be so embarrassed when you tell her that it was actually scholarly for you to say “yes” when she asked if you would jump off a bridge just because others were doing it. Misunderstood genius energy!



4. You understand what you don’t know.

Okay, if this isn’t you! Like, you don’t know a lot, and you know that! So many people think this is actually a sign of not being intelligent, but it’s really the other way around. So you’re, like, probably one of the smartest out there – not that it matters or anything. Like other erudite individuals, you’re very comfortable with saying “I don’t know” and that’s actually super Mensa International of you.


There you have it – these four signs succinctly sum up what extremely smart people are like. Sure, some of these categories seem to be noticeably and intentionally broad, as well as open to significant interpretation – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t true! Trust that all intelligent people exhibit these signs – and, also, weirdly, you do too! Okay, brainiac!