4 Relationship Mistakes You Can Also Use to Fuck Up Your Career

Everyone has the occasional misstep in their relationships, but that doesn’t change the fact that these mistakes are terrible and can ruin everything. But don’t stress, because you can learn to identify these patterns of destructive behavior and even recognize when you’re doing them to destroy other areas of your life, too. Here are four classic relationship mistakes that you can also use to fuck up your career.



We all know how insidious of a force jealousy can be within a romantic relationship. Constantly comparing yourself to others and becoming convinced that your partner is more attracted or more emotionally compatible with other people will only destroy your own peace of mind and the trust within your relationship. We’re not sure how to fix it, but what we do know is that this can also seriously fuck up your career. Comparing yourself to coworkers? Seeing everyone as a threat? Doesn’t sound like you’ll have much time to focus on doing your best work, which in turn actually does make everyone else more of a threat! Yikes.


Taking Your Partner for Granted

On the flipside, feeling no jealousy and taking your partner for granted is just as bad. What will you do when you’ve gotten used to putting in your lowest possible effort for years, then one day they’re gone? The same goes for work. You may feel settled in and secure in your position, but don’t, probably. One missed deadline and your station could fall, and before you know it, you’re out. Just something to think about.



Of course, you’ll wish you had taken your relationship for granted a little more when you destroy it with your anxiety! You might think, “anxiety is a normal feeling or in some cases a mental health disorder, not a mistake”; well, yes and no. Anxiety can lead you to be clingy and insecure in your relationship, and that’s bad! But that kind of toxic behavior will be even worse for your career. Ceaselessly fixating on where you stand at work and fearing that any day could be your last is basically the worst thing you could do. Seriously! God, it’s already over, isn’t it? We feel like it’s already over.



Lack of Boundaries

Kidding of course! This will be great for your career. Never stop responding to that work email, girlie!!


Starting immediately be sure to look out for these common relationship mistakes. And look everywhere! You never know where they might be hiding. But whatever you do, remember: these will also gravely fuck up your career, and then almost all of your life will be ruined. Good luck!