4 Gym Shower Band-Aids You NEED to See!

So many of us make the mistake of passing up opportunities to thoroughly admire the Band-Aids found in gym showers. That’s why we’ve collected the best of the best gym shower Band-Aids to show you right here, right now. In case you missed them, here are the four most awesome gym shower Band-Aids out there!


1. Bloody Band-Aid with Hairs IMG_3611 copy

The standard bloodstain gets a whole new look with a jazzy dusting of hairs! This proprietary mix of straight, long, curly, and short hairs will take your regular-old shower Band-Aid and make it even grosser. Those bonus hairs are an extra treat that can’t be taken for granted. You won’t find it in just any gym shower, so look for it in major cities and luxury gyms and ask it, “Who does your hair??”





2. Jumbo Downward-Facing Band-Aid IMG_3612

Whoa, this is one HUGE fucking Band-Aid! Who even uses this size bandage instead of just going to the hospital? Did somebody wrap this thing around a seeping gash in their leg? And why did they stick it to the shower wall? Are they still alive? Who knows, but we’re dying to track down the mysterious wearer! If you spot this rare find, make a wish—it’s good luck!









Now THIS is a gift from the heavens! Everyone’s obsessed with these rascally little devils these days, which is what makes this discovery so on trend. Look, they’re even staged so that they look like they’re trying not to fall down the drain! Adorable! Disgusting! You’ve GOT to see this Band-Aid!







4. Murder Confession IMG_3617

Holy crackers, it looks like this is the Band-Aid that everyone needs to see most of all! Is it new evidence in a famous cold case? One has to wonder who would leave such an obvious clue behind. Surely their wound didn’t spell this out, right? This Band-Aid’s more riveting than this season of True Detective. Now THIS is truly a Band-Aid you need to see!




There you have it: the best, most interesting gym shower Band-Aids we could find. They say that one woman’s old Band-Aid is another woman’s weird obsession with old Band-Aids, so go ahead! Look, admire, and be sure not to pass up the next opportunity to study some amazing gym shower Band-Aids.