4 DIY Household Crafts to Make It Look Like Your Interior Designers Were The Cast of ZOOM

Having a beautifully decorated home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. But with all the tufted headboards, sparkling bar carts, and embroidered ottomans, it can be tricky to find a project that looks a lets you explore your fun side. So here are some DIY household crafts that will make it look like your interior designers were the cast of the popular local children’s show on PBS, ZOOM!


Customized Bulletin Board

A new take on the same ol’ bulletin board! Take a few feet of corkboard and attach it to some sturdy plywood. Add a border made of a cool-patterned wallpaper and glue on your favorite decorations–beads, crystals, old jewelry, even stickers. You’ve got a personalized place to pin all of your important mail and reminders that looks like it was put there by a colorful group of middle schoolers on an early-2000s educational public broadcasting show!


T-Shirt Throw Pillows

Gather some of your old tees, a bag of polyester stuffing, and a sewing kit. Sew the holes of your shirt closed, except the head hole, which you should use to stuff the soon-to-be pillow to its max fluffiness. Awesome! Now you’ve made some totally unique pillows that Fannee Doolee would LOVE because pillow has a double letter and also because they look like they were tossed onto your sofa by a bunch of 9 to 14-year-olds who made sure to ask their parents permission before using a needle and thread!


Fork and Spoon Door Pulls

All you need are a few screw posts, some strong bonding glue, and a few of your favorite utensils to upgrade your kitchen cabinets! Glue your forks and spoons to your screw posts and allow them to dry overnight. Then drill them into your cabinet door. There you have it! Your door pulls are so fun, it’s as if the people you hired to design your kitchen were the adolescent cast members of your favorite afterschool show that you always secretly wished you could be but you didn’t live in the greater Boston area!



Hanging Globe Light

Cut a hole big enough to fit the lamp through at the top of your globe, and cut an even bigger space at the bottom to let the light out. You can even spice it up by poking pinholes into the different countries you’d like to visit. String it up, plug it in, and you’re done! You’ve created a cool hanging lamp that appears to have been woven into your home’s aesthetic by a gaggle of preteen actors all wearing the same t-shirt and playing themselves on a publicly funded kid’s show that your mom watched in the 70s and you watched in 2003 but only when your cable was out!


These DIY house crafts are not only super simple, they’ll make your home or apartment so whimsical visitors will instantly assume that it was designed by the cast of ZOOM. So if you like what you see, get off your computer, and do it!