4 Denim Jackets That Say, ‘Yeah, I Can Babysit Thursday’

Denim jackets are a timeless fall accessory. They’re hip, relaxed, and cool with a throwback 90s vibe. But they can also show that you’re maybe hard up for money. Not in a won’t-make-rent kind of way, just in a can’t-buy-wine-until-the-first-of-the-month kind of way, so if you’re going out this weekend, you’d better babysit Thursday night to get a little cash. Here are the exact jackets that will let everyone know that you’re free to babysit on Thursday.


Classic Blue Denim Jacket

This classic American look shows you’re young and fun, but you’re not a literal teenager. You totally have your license but you can’t actually afford a car. You’re responsible enough to take care of kids, but your life isn’t so rich and full that your Thursday night plans can’t be cancelled last-minute. Because yeah, you can def babysit.


Vintage With Patches

Is your name Claudia? Because if you wear this look, you’re basically a member of The Babysitter’s Club! Rocking patched denim is a great way to let everyone around know that you’re adult enough to pay for your own weed but also that you’re not great at budgeting and ran out of cash. So yeah, you can babysit Thursday! As long as you’re allowed to raid the fridge once the kids are asleep.



No sleeves? No problem! Sure, a denim vest might be a little dorky, but at the end of the day, dorks make great babysitters, and you actually don’t need to go to your friend’s boyfriend’s band’s show on Thursday. It might be more fun to spend that night watching Frozen for the eleventh time, come to think of it. Face it, that’s a good time for you. You’re wearing a denim vest.



Fashionable Jacket

A white one with no buttons! A black one with extra pockets! A green one that’s too big! The possibilities are endless now that denim jackets have gone designer. Thankfully, even the most high-fashion jackets are still comfortable, breathable, and unequivocally tell any parents in the area, “I know you wanna see Blade Runner 2049, and I could really use fifty bucks, so as long as you have Wi-Fi at your place I’m totally down to babysit on Thursday.”


Remember, even if you’re dressing for the job you want, and not the job you have, wear a denim jacket because you’re totally free to babysit this Thursday.