4 Best Dates for the Tinder Dude You Were Messaging Because You Were Bored But Now It’s Gotten Carried Away

Using dating apps can be a lot of fun – especially when you chat with someone who you really vibe with. But what about all the times you chat with someone who is just okay-looking and kind of boring because you’re on the train or the toilet or you’ve got some downtime at work and are just kind of going with it? Here are some fun date ideas for when you’ve been messaging a dude on Tinder because you were bored and now are at the point where you kinda just hang out with him because the situation has gotten carried away.


Go to an Escape Room.

An escape room is a great idea for any platonic or romantic date. It requires everyone involved to work together and use their critical thinking skills. It also requires an incredible amount of attention and focus to the tasks at hand, which is great for you because then you won’t have to make small talk with this person who you don’t find hot and actually don’t even want to be out with right now! Win-win!


See a concert.

Having similar music taste can be a great way to bond with a new boo. But since you discovered that you and this guy who you somehow ended up on a date with can also list taste in music as just another thing you two don’t have in common, it’s convenient that concerts are also a great way to make sure you don’t have to speak to each other. Just take him to see someone you wanna see, and let the ignoring each other for two hours begin! Why did you even decide to do this?


Order tapas.

So maybe you and this guy who does not intrigue you in any way and also has tiny, weird lips and laughs too loud and describes himself as “kind of a B2B marketing maverick” have somehow made it to a second date that you’ve gone on out of guilt? Obligation? Anyway, try going to a tapas place! The variety of dishes and flavors will be bound to keep the conversation from fizzling out, and if it does, he can just continue talking about his semester abroad in Barcelona like he did your entire first date.


Grab some drinks.

If worst comes to worst, or you’re just feeling a lil thirsty and empowered, go grab some drinks with this lame-ass dude! Two drinks will turn into four drinks plus a shot, and you’ll be back at one of your apartments bumpin uglies in no time. The best part is afterwards, he will almost definitely ghost you, freeing you from the prison that was your not-even-relationship with a guy who you didn’t like and actually actively irritated you while also taking the burden off of your shoulders of having to inevitably dump him. Honestly, was this all worth it? Think about it.



Try any of these fun dates when you find yourself pressured by forces both societal and personal to go out with a guy who you were only talking to because you were waiting at to go in at the doctor’s office and it was taking forever and you happened to match and start talking because there was nothing else to occupy you in the moment and now you’ve gotten in over your head and a lustless, boring date has become all but inevitable. Have fun!