4/20 To Go On As Previously Planned

In the wake of the announcement that mandated social distancing will continue through April, a spiritual toll has been taken on the nation as public Easter and Passover services are canceled. One group unaffected by the change is the global stoner population, which has collectively decided that 4/20 is to go on as previously planned.


“Like many others before me, my 4/20 plan was to wake, continually bake, watch 12 hours of television programming, maybe clean my room if it’s that kind of high, then order takeout,” says weed enjoyer, Amanda De Vries, “As this plan of action is not inconsistent with any given day in quarantine, the only addition is that I’m smoking weed the whole time, which, also is not inconsistent with any given day in quarantine.”


In a period of uncertainty and disruption, it’s comforting to know that at least one important custom will remain largely intact throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Of course, those on the fringes of 4/20 celebratory practices do stand to take a hit.


“If you’re more of a layered crystal necklace, hula-hoop rave stoner, then yes, of course, you will be affected,” says De Vries. “Our hearts go out to you in this difficult time, however we hope you can take this quieter 4/20 as an opportunity to reflect on the true essence of the holiday: Being too paranoid to go outside.”


But rave stoners are not those for whom De Vries feels most concerned.


“A lot of people will say 4/20 has become too commercial; that it’s just a ploy to sell Seth Rogen movies, or those weed socks,” she says. “And maybe it has, but I still feel a twinge of pain when I think about the children: All those 15-year-olds who just got into weed this year and were looking forward to their first holiday in the fold, and now are stuck inside with their parents.”



“But then maybe it’s good for kids to not smoke weed, I don’t know,” De Vries adds.


Still, excepting some youth, a majority of stoners are expected to go forward untouched with their 4/20 plans, and that is something to celebrate.