3 Ways Working Less Increases Productivity, and How to Make Your Boss See This Without Sending It to Them Directly

We all want to be as productive as possible so we can generate the maximum amount of profit for our employers, but sometimes the pathway to productivity is a little counterintuitive. In fact, though we know it goes against all your instincts and personal desires, perfect employee, working less can increase productivity! Here are a few ways, and how to make sure your boss sees this article without sending it to them directly.


Shorter hours = sharper focus.

Working longer hours does not equate to more work accomplished. In reality, people are more likely to stretch out the time it takes to complete a task when they have lots of time to fill, and conversely, will complete the same task more efficiently given a shorter work day. Obviously you always work efficiently, but just broadly speaking, this is the rule. So if this article gets sent to a communal printer, and then your boss happens to find and read it, they should keep this in mind.


Breaks increase energy.

A long lunch break or heading out in the afternoon just to take a walk may seem like time wasted, but these practices actually increase workers’ energy, leading them to perform at a higher level when they return to work. In other words, if you’re somebody’s boss, and earlier today this article, folded up as a paper plane, was thrown at you from someone ducking behind the copy machine, then one of your employees left for a two hours and came back to the office with a loaded fro-yo (popping boba balls, fruit, gummy worms, chocolate pretzels, etc.), then probably that employee is the one working hardest of all, and you should give them a raise because those fro-yo topping are expensive (but necessary to complete good work).



A four-day workweek makes employees more efficient.

Many studies show that employees who work a four-day workweek are happier, but who gives a shit about happiness? Certainly not you; you live, laugh, and love the bottom line. But with that said, “happier” employees are also consistently more efficient and productive. Slack this to your boss from your weakest coworker’s computer! Do it from Randall’s! He’ll never stand up for himself. He’s too tired to fight for anything cause he has all those twins.


So to any of the bosses and managers who may happen upon this article by totally random chance or because that spineless simp Randall sent it to you, consider letting your employees work way less and also have unlimited PTO. It will make you richer!!!