3 Mother’s Day Gifts That Won’t Be as Good as Getting into Harvard 15 Years Ago

Extra Cozy Hygge Box for Mom (Etsy, $40.00)

A lot of moms need to take a break and enjoy some me time. If you want to make sure your mom takes some time for self-care, get her this deluxe extra cozy hygge box. Included in it are all things cozy and warm, ranging from a spiced chai tea to rustic knit socks. Your mom will enjoy plenty of nights full of hygge, which will be great, but not quite as great as it would have been if you had gotten into Harvard. And it didn’t even need to be Harvard, it could have been any Ivy League so she could feel good bragging about you to her friends. That would’ve been a really nice way to pay her back for all the debates, soccer matches, and other random extra-curriculars she schlepped you to so you could get in early admission to somewhere reputable. But no, this box is fine, too.