3 Hallmark Movies That Won’t Make You Wet But Won’t Leave You Completely Dry Either

Write Before Christmas

Write Before Christmas is sort of a play on “right before Christmas”, which doesn’t mean anything. You’ll have some reaction to watching this film where a white woman with a lot of teeth falls in love with a white man in a scarf. Your heart rate will stay in a pretty normal range for the duration of this flick, but it is starring Chad Michael Murray, who you had a crush on as a teenager, which should get you a little horned up? At first, you’ll be like, “Ooh, Chad!” and then you’ll be like, “Oh, Chad. Is this where your career is?” And you’ll feel sad but you’ll also feel guilty for feeling sad because it’s judgmental of you, and hey, it’s a living. He’s still acting, right? This is a movie, legally. At the end of all that you’ll be so confused, you won’t be sure if you’re wet or dry, but you’ll probably be at least a little damp.