12 Pumpkin Boyfriends

It’s fall, and you know what that means: pumpkin cuffing season! While every girl dreams of finding the perfect pumpkin, it’s hard to know which patch pick is right for you. For all the women searching for their perfect pumpkin, here are the top 12 must-have qualities for your future boyfriend who is a pumpkin!


1. A Sense of Humor


This pumpkin boyfriend is a total jokester! What could be better than laughing all day with your pumpkin? The right pumpkin for you will make you laugh and even love your ugly laugh!


2. Loves Kids


This pumpkin boyfriend has hella paternal instincts. There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing your pumpkin interact with children. As you watch this little guy bring joy to each child’s face and think one day, he could interact with your children like that!


3. Honesty


Honesty is a must with this pumpkin boyfriend! Surrender your love to a pumpkin who has a reputation for being honest and will tell you the truth, even if it is not what you want to hear. As you gain each other’s trust you will become more open and happy. And isn’t that what pumpkin relationships are for?


4. Great Listening Skills


The best part of being in a relationship with this pumpkin boyfriend is having someone who you can talk to about anything in your life- your experiences, achievements, and stresses. Look for a pumpkin who allows you to express yourself, actively listens to you when you are talking without distractions and is able to give you advice.


5. Does Hobbies with You

This pumpkin was actually less than 3 inches wide - bought at Sainsbury's - they called it a "Munchkin pumpkin". The mirror effect was achieved in-camera by placing the pumpkin on a mirror with a sheet of black velvet behind. I have darkened the reflection however for effect. The lighting is natural light from a nearby window.

You want a boyfriend who will go anywhere and do anything with you, and this little pumpkin fits the bill perfectly! The right pumpkin will be down for whatever, challenge you to have new adventures, and go anywhere with you without weighing you down. He’s good to go, and so is your love!


6. Self-Confidence


There’s nothing worse than a pumpkin boyfriend who doesn’t love himself first! Make sure you pick a pumpkin who is confident, strong, and doesn’t allow people to mistreat them!


7. Mature


The right pumpkin boyfriend will able to take care of himself. Might we suggest this humble bachelor? He will respect your boundaries, values, feelings, and time. Not to mention he’s financially solvent! This grown-up pumpkin boyfriend might be just what the doctor ordered.


8. Good Personal Hygiene


There is nothing worse than a dirty, smelly pumpkin, especially when he’s meeting your friends. This pumpkin boyfriend is always clean, he smells great, and doesn’t have any loose, runny seeds. Rest assured, you can get close to this pumpkin boyfriend without worrying about him ruining your clothes!


9. Emotional Openness


Your pumpkin boyfriend needs to be aware of his feelings and have the ability to express those feelings. You should be able to read his expression and know what he is feeling, just like this pumpkin boyfriend. He is feeling romantic!


10. Protects You


The right pumpkin will protect you without suppressing you. It’s important to match with a pumpkin partner who values you, but doesn’t keep you away from the world. Find one who encourages you while still scaring off unwelcome visitors, and he’ll be your pumpkin till spring!


11. Commitment


You shouldn’t have to worry if your pumpkin is cheating on you with someone else’s stoop. Find a pumpkin boyfriend with a solid bottom, like this one, to know that he’s not going to blow over to the neighbors’ yard with the next heavy wind. He’ll be committed to you and only you. Likewise, he’s much too big for you to be cluttering your stoop with other pumpkins. Make room for him on your stoop and in your heart.


12. Positive Attitude

Albus, Willow, and What's left of Jack

This pumpkin boyfriend focuses on solutions instead of problems and can see the good in people and situations. So why not give him a shot? He’s a pumpkin who can bounce back no matter what challenges life throws his way!


There you have it: 12 pumpkins who could be your boyfriend. Open your heart to these gourds for a warm and loving fall!