Wow! Woman Gets 10,000 Steps a Day by Living in a City Without Public Transportation

Whoa! Nigella Arnold of Arlington, Texas, is getting her steps in! That’s because she doesn’t own a car and lives in a city with no public transportation.


“I’m actually not really trying to do this much walking,” explains Nigella. “I just have to get to work and stuff.”



Whoa! Get those steps in, queen!

When she can’t catch a ride, Nigella walks to the grocery store twice a week, adding in an additional six thousand steps round trip! Incredible!

“I don’t see this as a good thing,” claims the very demure Nigella. “I have shin splints.”


But nothing can sway this force of nature from racking up those steps. Nigella is stepping it to the doctor, to the pharmacy, all over the place!


“I can’t help myself. There is truly no other option.”


Okay, wow! We’d call this gal driven, but she isn’t driving anywhere!


“This city could really use at least one bus line.”