This Woman Is Fighting Fascism With Her Art. Okay, Sure!

In an inspiring story out of New Orleans, LA, 26-year-old artist Kim Torres is determined to use her art to fight fascism. Sure, mmkay!


“I knew I wanted to do something to help stop the rise of tyranny in our own government,” said Kim. “But calling my representatives sounded like a lot of work. That’s why I’m fighting fascism with my mixed media sculpture.”


Alright, yeah! Whatever you say, girl!


Kim went on to describe just how she’s combatting our administration’s pivot into an authoritarian regime with her minimalist fiber art.


“My art makes people think, it makes people question,” she said. “My loosely knit walls of fabric with plastic models of American civilians woven in is having the same effect on the populace as the nationwide protests and the legislation being passed by our allies in congress.”


“It’s all I can do as one citizen,” she added, incorrectly.


Okay, Kim! Keep up the good not-really-even-a fight!


Kim’s friends are trying to be supportive.


“I mean, art has historically been a medium of instigating change,” said Kevin Wu, a fellow artist. “But there are like a million other tangible things she could do to help fight fascism instead of pretending that yarn bombing her stoop is doing anything.”


“I’m actually not totally sure that she even knows what fascism means?” he added.


We’re not either, Kevin!


“I’m doing what I do best to fight what I feel is the worst,” said Kim, borderline poetically. “What else am I gonna do, rally my friends to vote out the totalitarian politicians ruining all our lives? Donate to campaigns? Run for office myself?”


Just keep up the knitting, we guess! Sure!