Wow! Woman Experiencing Burnout Even Though She Doesn’t Work That Hard

In an anomalous development out of Chicago, 25-year-old Tessa Burdick is experiencing burnout even though she doesn’t work that hard at all.


“I’ve been exhibiting all the symptoms: fatigue, insomnia, headaches, procrastination – the list goes on,” says Tessa. “But it’s strange because my job is pretty easy and I have, like, tons of free time.”


A video editor at a boutique ad firm, Tessa works four, eight-hour days a week, during which she estimates three hours per day are spent actively doing her job.


“There’s not that much for me to do, but no one asks me to do anything,” says Tessa. “And I don’t ask because obviously I don’t want to work more.”


But despite doing the absolute bare minimum, Tessa still feels overwhelmed and depleted.


“By the time I get home from work, it’s 7p.m.,” says Tessa. “So I only have five hours before I should start putting myself to bed, and what can you do in five hours? Literally nothing.”


And as for her three-day weekends, they’re no match for her burnout, either.


“On the weekend it’s like, I have to do laundry.”


We hear you, girlie!


Sources are quick to confirm she is sapped of resources these days.



“What Tessa’s experiencing is a real cautionary tale,” says her friend Zoe White. “I work 60 hours a week as a receptionist and bartender, and I run a small candle business on Instagram. I know I’m addicted to the grind, but Tessa really shows me what could happen if I don’t slow down eventually, especially because she has it bad and barely does anything.”


It is amazing how exhausted Tessa has become while doing so little work.


“Is it burnout? Is it depression? Is it capitalism?” says Tessa. “These are just words. What I do know is that I want to move to a charming hamlet with kind and eccentric townspeople and simply chill forever, maybe doing some pottery every month or so, if the spirit compels me.”


At press time, Tessa confirmed she has no plans to change anything about her easy yet unfulfilling life.